Where do Old Mobile Phones Go?

Every year, millions of phones are being replaced with all those new models coming out in the market every month. If you chose to keep your newly replaced phone as a backup, chances are by the time you needed another phone, it would be more outdated and even less likeable.
If your phone has gone undesirable or totally beyond repair, don’t just throw them in the trash like some other garbage. There are plenty of uses for them that can be beneficial both for other people and to the environment.
Most major network providers will gladly take back your phone, which allows you to make some cash or cover some of the cost for your phone upgrade. These carriers will inspect your phones to be resold at a cheaper price or refurbished if needed.
Refurbish Companies
As the term suggests, these companies will refurbish or recondition used phones. Depending on the length of use and the degree of damage (if any), you can turn your unwanted phone into some cash.
Our mobile devices are the most practical way of communication nowadays, and even charities want them in order to expand their reach to possible donors. Also, just imagine third world countries which have a lack of access to these awesome devices. If you already dislike a phone that has just gone out of contract, consider donating them for a cause.
Even if your phone is not working anymore, it is not entirely useless. You can send them to recyclers so that the spare parts can be reused again for manufacturing of future phones. Additionally, mobile phones may also contain gold, silver, copper, platinum, and other precious metals that can be reused for jewellery or other purposes.
Mobile devices also contain lead, arsenic, beryllium, cadmium, and other chemicals that could be harmful to the environment. This is why it is important to treat your phone just like any other toxic waste that you wouldn’t just throw anywhere. If you want to save the planet, the best thing you can do is to do your part in proper electronics disposal by sending your phone over to the right recyclers who are knowledgeable in making better use of it.