Tips in Selling Your Old Mobile Phone

Time will come when you will want to get rid of your old phone, and for most, the best way to do it is to sell it for cash. If you’re planning to do so, these are the things you should remember to get the best price and to protect your safety after the sale.
Determine What Your Phone is Worth
Before putting your phone up for sale, make sure it’s actually worth the price you want to sell it for. Keep in mind that certain phone models, such as the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are sold more easily than the others. Obviously, phones with QWERTY keypads are outdated, and may be more difficult to sell than touch-screen phones.
It’s always wise to look around to know what price you can expect from your old handset. Bring it to a few shops for it to be appraised, considering the model and its current condition. Once you know how much it is worth, you can negotiate for a reasonable price.
Review Your Account
Before you decide on selling your mobile phone, make sure it doesn’t have any existing balance on it, or else it will cause problems. Check with your carrier or your financier if you obtained it through mobile financing. Bring along or upload a photo of your original bill if you are to sell online.
Remove Your Personal Data
The problem with recycling or selling your old phone is the danger of compromising your sensitive information, such as your email, online bank accounts, credit card numbers, and passwords. To make sure that your safety and privacy are safe, perform a factory reset on your phone and remove your memory card.
Clean Your Device
No one will buy a second hand gadget that is covered in dirt. Your phone’s appearance can have a huge influence and its value, and obviously, a phone that is well taken-cared of will sell more. Wipe the screen thoroughly, and clean dust trapped in the openings.
Include All Accessories
It would be better to include all accessories, such as earphones, cables, charger, and the original box, if you still have them. Typically, a listing which includes complete phone accessories tend to have more value. If you’ve bought screen protectors, monopods, lenses, flip covers, and other protective cases, there’s a better chance that buyers will be interested in your item.
Take Pictures of Your Phone
If you’re planning to sell online, be sure to upload photos of the real phone you are selling. Don’t just grab any photo online. Take a shot at different angles, making sure that all areas can be seen well by the buyer.
Perform Some Overhaul Yourself
If possible, have the phone serviced first in order to address any issues and for you to be able to sell it at a higher price. For instance, if there’s an issue with the battery, you could replace it yourself and get more cash in the sale as compared to selling an old phone with a problematic battery.
Be Honest
There are many buyers that are willing to overlook minor scratches, and sometimes all it takes is for you to be honest in order to land a good deal. Be honest about the phone’s condition and you are likely to get good feedback that can prove useful if you are to sell anything again in the future.