3 Things to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Old Handset

Whether you are fed up with your old mobile or just want to own a fresh gadget regularly, these are the things to consider before selling or replacing your mobile phone.
1. Is There another Way to put it to Good Use?
Before making up your mind about selling your pre-loved handset, ask again if there’s really nothing else you can do about it. Perhaps it’s just a degraded battery that renders it unusable after a couple of hours, or it just needs a new pair of earphones to fix the noise when making calls. If the physical appearance makes everything worse, try to accessorise it with some colourful cases out there and it might pass as a nice hand-me-down.
2. Is the Timing Right?
Phones keep getting more and more expensive as they arrive, and the prices of their predecessors experience a sudden drop upon the arrival of the new top players. It might not be a good idea to sell your iPhone 5s when rumours about the iPhone 6 is just around the corner, because you can expect a sudden decrease in the value of the former, even if it’s still a nearly new device.
3. Am I Getting the Right Price?
With all those new mobile phones coming out every month, they depreciate in value pretty easily, and sometimes, even a phone in good working condition won’t sell much. Consider what unit you have, the age of the device, and the condition. Ask around to know what a reasonable price is, and after getting a quote, ask yourself if it’s worth selling the phone or if it’s better to keep it as backup.